Sunday, September 13, 2009

Law or no, it's simple: Don't text and drive

Law or no, it's simple: Don't text and drive is an article by Syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. of the Miami Herald. Leonard Pitts' masterpiece on texting and driving has hard-hitting statements that should be read by everyone coast to coast:

"In the first place, you'd think you wouldn't need a law, that simple common sense would be enough to tell us it's unsafe to divert attention to a tiny keyboard and screen while simultaneously piloting 2 tons of metal, rubber, glass and, let us not forget, flesh, at freeway speeds -- or even street speeds.

"So, yeah, there ought to be a law. And it ought to have some teeth in it. On the second offense, maybe a hefty fine, or brief loss of driving privileges. On the third, maybe you earn a free stay of a couple days and nights at the lovely Graybar Hotel. "

Take a moment to click on the article link above and read the entire article, and then forward it to people who text and drive, and those who don't. This common sense article should be required reading for everyone of driving age in our nation as it reminds us that the only thing we should be doing behind the wheel is....driving.

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