Monday, September 14, 2009

Distracted Driving Summit

Update: Distracted Driving Summit Agenda (Click Here)

US Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has called for a Distracted Driving Summit to be held September 30th and October 1st at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC. “This summit will not only bring leaders in transportation safety together to talk about this issue,” said LaHood, “It will also give people from all over the country—and world—the opportunity to be a part of this historic dialogue.” The Summit will be available via webcast (details coming soon.)

In preparation for the Summit, lawmakers and Summit participants are looking for citizen comments and questions. Please take a few minutes to leave comments or questions regarding texting and driving and/or distracted driving. Click here to leave comments (Deadline: Sept. 23rd)

From Politico: The Obama administration has gotten such massive interest in plans for a fall SUMMIT on TEXTING-WHILE-DRIVING that the event has been expanded from one day to two. And it’ll be held at a Washington hotel instead of at the Department of Transportation, to accommodate more of the hundreds who have asked for invites. The “Distracted Driving Summit” will examine texting and talking while driving. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood will kick off, and wrap up, the conversation. Panels will look at research showing that hands-free talking may not be that much safer, because the problem is lack of focus — not holding a phone to your ear. Participants will include law enforcement, academics and administration officials. The audience will include members of Congress. The cell phone industry has asked to participate. At the end of the summit, the department could announce plans to impose new rules on commercial truckers through its Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

What action steps should our country take to pave the way for safer roads? Do you think each state needs laws to diminish texting and driving? What role should the auto industry, cell phone manufacturers and insurance companies take? Should companies take part and develop policies against employee cell phone use? Is there a need for a strong PSA Distracted Driving campaign similar to Click It or Ticket, and Over the Limit, Under Arrest? Are you part of a group that added interest in making the roads safer? Do you text and drive, tweet and drive, App and drive? If so, what would help you stop? Have you had accidents or close calls? Do you see people texting & driving often? Let the Summit participants hear your comments! Click here for other options to leave comments: mail, fax, hand deliver, or courier.

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