Friday, September 11, 2009

Did one text take Todd's life?

Did one incoming text take Todd Jordan's life? "That is where the investigation is going" according to the WKYC report. Officers believe at the exact second Todd hit a sharp curve, he got a text, took his eyes off the road. Todd's car went straight and hit a telephone pole.

Even after the tragic loss of Todd's life, family and friends still struggle to not use their cell phone behind the wheel. The dangers of cell phone use behind the wheel are all to real to them, but they struggle because like so many people, they are accustomed to immediately responding to the incoming texts, e-mails, social networking alerts, and phone calls.

The next time your cell phone dings, beeps, or rings, think of Todd and many others who have tragically lost their lives prematurely by responding to an electronic communication because we've been conditioned to look at incoming communications quickly. Those communications aren't nearly as urgent as we treat them. They sit there....waiting. They will still be there when you reach your destination, when your car is in park, or when you are out of your car. Immediate response is not necessary...we've all just been conditioned to respond quickly.

Please don't Text & Drive. Keep your eyes on the road and keep your life and all the lives around you safe.

Article: Did text message figure in Norwalk teen driver's death?

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