Tuesday, September 1, 2009

DadLabs spotlight dangers of cell phones

Why have we become so addicted to our cell phones? In the past 20 years cell phones have become more available, less expensive, more capable, and have added great convenience to our lives. We use them everywhere to do everything.

We must step back and use some serious common sense and realize cell phones were never created to be used as a typewriter behind the wheel. No matter how skilled you are at texting, the odds are stacked against you if you text and drive. Some of people who text and drive feel so capable, they even text while their children are in the car with them.

The spell cell phones has cast over us is strong, but it can be broken by taking action steps toward eliminating texting and driving from your daily routine. What steps have you taken to eliminate texting & driving? Our followers and blog readers would like to see what changes you made. (Fill out an anonymous comment below.)

DadLabs (@DadLabs) tackle the dangers of cell phone usage behind the wheel, and have suggestions on how to stop.

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