Sunday, August 16, 2009

Distracted Driving

While DontTwive is based on Twitter (, or @DontTwive) and follows people who Don't Tweet & Drive as well as people who do, the ultimate goal it to address all forms of distracted driving. DontTwive's mission is to remind people how dangerous distracted driving can be not only to themselves, but to others on the road. When you use a cell phone while driving engaging in one of the 3T's...talking, texting, tweeting...your mind is not on the road. Period. Once you pick up the cell phone you become a distracted driver, and become a danger on the road.

As a driver you share the road with cyclists, pedestrians and other drivers. It is your responsibility to be a good driver and share the road in a safe manner.

If you still aren't convinced that distracted driving is dangerous, consider that you share the road with many people who are equally or more distracted than you behind the wheel, some taking their eyes off the road for as long as it takes to travel the distance of a football field. As a distracted driver, you might never see another distracted driver coming at you. Period.

Check out the Distracted Driving Links in the side bar...and always #TweetSafe, Text Safe, and Talk Safe.

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