Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Steer Clear: The best offense is a good defense

Bring on the Defensive Driving Classes! People who text & drive are falsely confident in their abilities. Some are confident of their abilities even after they have had a wreck, and return to Texting & Driving. The confidence of the two people highlighted below suggests they suffer from adolescent menality in addition to inattention blindness when they text & drive....and they text a great deal. To steer clear of these dangerous drivers on the road, you need to be extra alert and prepared.

@DontTwive follower @Ridgeley sent us a link to a recent LA Times Opinion Column titled Texting while Driving: Will those who do it ever stop? The column illustrates how some people not only refuse to give up their phone, but also seem to have a total disregard for the danger they pose on the road to other motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. In answering the headline question the column the journalist states:

"My guess is no. I, admittedly, am guilty of texting while driving. And about five years ago this habit of mine resulted in the totaling of my car. Yes, my fault. And yes, stupid, I know. I was 17 years old, a brand new driver stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic less than a mile from my house. I was texting and not paying any attention (the two go together) and pressed the gas instead of the brake, ramming my bright teal land yacht (a 1996 Chrysler LHS) underneath the big pickup truck in front of me. You would think that with that accident I learned my lesson. Au contraire. I still text while driving because it's convenient."

The journalist goes on to say "If the laws are not enforced, simply being "illegal" is not enough of a deterrent to stop talking or texting while driving. It's become too much of a way of life for me and my peers. Sure, there are hands-free devices that would keep me out of trouble in one respect, but ironically I've noticed myself texting in the car even more now that talking is banned. And texting, I believe, is far more dangerous. Trust me from experience."

In the video below Dr. Phil takes on a teen who has been driving for only 4 months and won't stop texting and driving. If anyone knows this teen, DM us her name. We'd love to track her down on Twitter and give her a Follow.

Be safe out alert, drive defensively. You share the road with "blind" people who refuse to see the danger.

Insurance companies offer a 10% discount if you take a defensive driving class (check with your agent for details). The 10% savings is great, but the real savings might be something much more valuable...your life.

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  1. My name is Tony and it appears we are working towards the same cause. I am currently on my Ride the Americas to teach people and bring awareness to the issue of distracted driving.
    I am in the Yukon now and will cross into Alaska today. So far on my journey I have talked to many people and with few exceptions people are on our side. THere are the few out there that still don't believe they are distracted while using thier phone, texting or talking.
    I believe that if we continue to spread the word that it is not OKAY, to talk on the phone we can make it socially as well as legally unacceptable to use a phone while driving. If you get in your car turn it off. If you call someone ask them if they are driving and politely hang up if they are. Just like taking the keys from someone who has been drinking. We all need to tall everyone using the phone while driving is not OKAY.
    For info and to see my blog goto:

    Ill be reading your blog. Thanks for all you do.