Monday, August 24, 2009

Adults Revert to Adolescent Mentality When Texting & Driving

This article from the John Tesh - Intelligence for your Life ( , @JohnTeshRadio) explains the brain function behind adults making the decision to engage in a dangerous activity such as taking our eyes off the road to text, e-mail, tweet, or even dial or talk on the phone. This article also briefly mentions two companies that have stepped up to impose strict cell phone usage policies. Even if national laws are implemented, enforcing them may be challenging. However, laws are a logical and necessary step to create better road safety. Even without city, state and national laws banning texting and driving, companies can play a key role in creating better road safety by developing their own policies on employee cell phone usage and encouraging safe practices.

Adults Use Work as an Excuse for Texting and Driving - Article Link
"According to Dr. Debra Condren, a business psychologist, the constant pressure to be connected to the office 24/7 makes us revert back to an almost adolescent mentality. We start to believe that we’re invulnerable to the dangers of texting and driving."

In fact, just in the past few months, major companies like DuPont and the U.S. Post Office have made using a mobile phone while driving an offense that can get you fired! .

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