Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Firms race to develop software to eliminate Texting & Driving

A Wall Street Journal Article states that firms are in a rush to develop software to block texts and minimize distractions while driving.

"Many of the apps will simply block texts from being sent or received while the owner is driving. They generally require a smart phone with Global Positioning System technology.

CTIA, whose members include carriers like
AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless, says it supports banning texting while driving altogether. "We think it's incompatible with safe driving," said John Walls, CTIA's vice president of public affairs.

Text-blocking technologies also aren't available on
Apple Inc.'s iPhone because its App Store doesn't allow apps that limit the device's core functions such as text-messaging. Apple didn't respond to requests for comment.

As a result, Zoomsafer Inc., a Reston, Va., start-up, says it is focusing on other devices, such as the BlackBerry. "We would love nothing more than to have a Zoomsafer app for the iPhone," said Matt Howard, a co-founder who began work on the service after nearly hitting a neighbor's son while texting."

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