Monday, August 17, 2009

4 Minutes and 15 Seconds that can save your life

This 4:15 PSA video from the Gwent/Wales Police Department is graphic and intense but left us speechless with its message. Some say this video is too gruesome and YouTube has even blocked the 18 and under group from being able to view (the target audience for this Public Service Announcement.) Read more about the video at

This video should be watched by any driver who thinks they can text and drive. Life can change in one second. One second - less time than it takes to Tweet, text, email, or dial a phone number.

(Note: May want to adjust volume to a lower setting. 1 min Part 2 video also available at finish. )

8/24/09 @ricksanchezCNN of @CNN highlights the Gwent PSA and discusses Tweets regarding Texting & Driving

8/25/09 The Today Show article on this video as well as a 6+ minute segment, @TodayShow

8/25/09 Mashable - The Social Media Guide also covered the video Tweeting it out to 1.34 million followers ( @Mashable).

Thanks to the media for covering the dangers of Texting & Driving! Your attention to Texting and Driving will change behavior and thus save lives.


  1. Great site and happy to see others spreading the word about safe driving be it talking, texting or tweeting behind the wheel.


  2. Awesome post! Chris, let's not forget about DUI, we know over 10,000 a year die from that, we don't really have stats on distracted driving, I hope that changes. We don't have stats on drowsy driving, I hope that changes. ALL these things blend together to kill us, our brothers and sisters, our parents, our uncles. Trauma injury and death are mostly preventable, we just need to make some noise!

    As one who has been on the business end of the Jaws, I can say for sure the resuce part of the vid is amazingly accurate, I just wish my extraction was that quick :o)

    Awesome site! Keep up the amazing work!