Friday, January 15, 2010

Texting & Driving, a lawsuit waiting to happen

Previous blog entries have addressed how some companies are creating Safe Driving policies for their employees to follow, banning texting & driving. Some companies have a zero tolerance for any cell phone use behind the wheel. Use your phone while you are driving and cause an accident and your job is gone. If your company hasn't addressed cell phone usage while driving, it is only a matter of time. Why? Primarily, they want you safe, but also because if you are a distracted driver on company time, you are a liability. Anywhere there is liability there are lawyers.

Distracted Driving lawsuits are coming. If you are texting and driving and injure or kill someone, you are going to be in a legal battle. It won't be just a matter of your insurance fixing their car. Your life will be turned upside down, emotionally and financially.

Your insurance company will more than likely drop your policy, and if you are able to get insured again it will be at an eyeball popping price.

Palo Alto just settled a lawsuit where a city worker reached down to get his cell phone and rear-ended another motorist leaving him with debilitating spinal injuries. The city settled for $1.5 Million. The lawyers originally wanted $5 Million.

Full article: Palo Alto Settles Cell Phone Lawsuit for $1.5 Million

The list of reasons you shouldn't text & drive is growing. The days of getting in an accident and not having your cell phone records routinely checked are gone. Insurance companies will drop you like a hot potato once they fight the legal battle. And if you are a person with assets, those will also be on the table once a plaintiff goes through your policy limits, and umbrella policy.

Don't text and drive. Don't be a distracted driver.