Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Meet Lucas Euser: Pro Cyclist & Road Safety Advocate

Lucas Euser (@LucasEuser) has an office with a view most of us would drool over. His office is on the road. For hours every day, he trains in the lovely terrain of Napa Valley, or in Girona, Spain the European Headquarters of Garmin Slipstream, his pro cycling team. Last week Lucas took time out of his evening to talk to me about his passion for Road Safety.

This past May on a training ride in Spain to hone his time trial skills, a car turned in front of him, and Lucas unable to avoid the car, smashed into the rear panel of the SUV. (Read full account of the accident in the VeloNews article.) According to David Moulton (@exframebuilder) this type of accident between car and cyclist is so common it has a name: The Right Hook.

While the driver didn’t seem to be a Distracted Driver, the she wasn’t fully aware either. Wasn’t aware that as she slowed her SUV, she was going to turn into the path of Lucas who was peddling at a fast pace of 52 km/hr. As a driver, her mind wasn’t fully where it needed to be…on the road, and on the people she shared the road with who might cross her path.

Your mind is a super processor, every second you drive, your mind is calculating distance, potential dangers, and objects to avoid. It is critical to be focused behind the wheel, but especially when you come upon a cyclist, motorcycle, runner or other person without 2 tons of steel wrapped around them. They are the most vulnerable passengers on the road and deserve our respect and protection.

Being an uber positive-minded athlete, the inspirational Lucas started training as soon as his knee was wired back into place, before his broken ribs had healed. In addition for an even bigger hunger to succeed in cycling Lucas also pledged to make a difference in road safety and is approaching that with the same passion that drives him to success in his sport. Part of his plans involve joining with teammate David Zabriskie (@DZabriskie) founder of Yield to Life (www.Yieldtolife.org) and (@Yield2Life).

People like Lucas come out of a bad experience stronger, changed, more determined, and touch other lives around them in a positive way. Lucas personifies the kind of teammate people want in all situations. At a time of year where most cyclists are having fun during the offseason Lucas is focused and training hard in Girona so he can help his Garmin teammates excel in 2010. Remember when you see a cyclist, Yield to Life!

COMING SOON: How Lucas Euser is making a difference in road safety.

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