Friday, October 16, 2009

Distracted Drivers Run Red Lights

Distracted Drivers run red lights. The previous blog entry said "Look Left-Right-Left" before crossing into an intersection - the video below demonstrates why. Distracted drivers not only run red lights, but it is often at full speed. When they hit another car (or cyclists, or person) going full speed, the results are disastrous. Texting & driving takes people's eyes off the road, sometimes while approaching a traffic light that is red. They don't see the red light because their eyes are focused on their phone, everything else around them blurs. Their eyes so focused on the cell phone, never see the red light to send a message to their brain to hit the brakes. They go into the intersection full speed. The sad truth is that we have to be extra careful because there are people on the road NOT being careful. The bottom line is being extra careful can save our lives, and the lives of our loved ones. No matter if you travel on 2 wheels, 4 wheels or up to 18 wheels - be extra alert on the roads at all times, even when you have a green light.

NOTE: this video contains a car/pedestrian accident as well as a car/scooter accident some might find too graphic. The first 2 minutes of the video are car/car accidents if you want to bypass.
(Double click the video to go to the YouTube site and see the larger version.)

Also, read about the tragic results one Distracted Driver caused running a red light and hitting Hannah Grant and her family on Stay Alive, Just Drive's website. Hannah Grant Story

Be extra alert on the roads! Look Left-Right-Left as you approach an intersection. Be aware of cyclists and pedestrians too.

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