Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Be Extra Alert

To combat the level of distraction on our roads today, you can become an extra alert driver and save yourself from getting in accidents.

If you live in a congested city you see terrible examples of Distracted Driving at every turn, but no matter the size of your city, distracted driving is a threat to all motorists. To diminish your risk of being involved in an accident with a distracted driver you can take some simple steps:

1. Be focused on the road. Scan the road ahead and behind you for potential problems. If you see a problem make sure to honk your horn loud & long. People who are distracted aren't as responsive as those who are focused.

2. Look Left-Right-Left before you cross into an intersection. Distracted Drivers are more likely to run red lights and stop signs. Make sure you aren't in their path!

3. If you see a Distracted Driver behind you, or someone following too close pull off the road at a safe place, and allow the Distracted Driver to pass. It is much better to have unsafe drivers ahead of you, than behind you.

4. Watch the center line for Distracted Drivers who might drift over the line and hit you head on. If you are on a 4+ lane road, you may want to avoid travelling in the lane by the center line.

5. Watch for people drifting into your lane. Watch for Distracted Drivers who might drift into your lane. Keep a close eye on people who camp out in your blind spot who might be Distracted Drivers. Again, allow them to get ahead of you.

6. Also remember to watch for pedestrians who are texting & walking. They too have inattention blindness and sometimes step off the curb without even looking, or walk slowly across the street.
Bottom line: Continuously watch for Distracted Drivers...they are out there in abundance. Be safe and feel free to add additional Safety Tips in the comment secion below.

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